Which cord fits best to which stone?

Of course that's ultimately  a matter of taste !

Basically, each stone can be combined with any type of cord, with expection of buffalo leather (3 mm), which is only suitable for stones with a large drilling hole, and stones with a hole smaller than 2 mm. Here, the selection is currently limited to black cowhide leather, cotton and leatherette.

If a cord type is not suitable for a stone, this option is not available in the dropdown menu on the article pages.

For donuts and front drilled stones (cords that have a knot directly near the stone), a more flexible cord (f.e. cowhide leather, cotton or thermoplastic) is recommended.

Who, however, prefer a more rigid cord, is well advised with antelope leather.

For an overview of cord types and colors, see:   available cord colors


Extension chains

The extension chains not only serve to extend the necklace, they are a stylish eyecatcher in the neck / back area.

Design A
length - total:  about 37 mm / 1,46 inch  |  size - heart:  about 10 x 8 mm / 0,39 x 0,31 inch
material - cable chain:  metal  |  material - heart:  stainless-steel

Design B
length - total:  about 65 mm / 2,56 inch  |  size - heart:  about 15 x 13 mm / 0,59 x 0,51 inch
material - cable chain:  metal  |  material - heart:  steinless-steel

Design C
length - total:  about 128 mm / 5,04 inch  |  size - anchor:  about 35 x 27 mm / 1,38 x 1,06 inch
material - cable chain:  metal  |  material - anchor:  metal